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Rescuing children living in deep poverty in Jesus name! There are over 2 million children who are abandoned or orphaned in the Philippines.



These child survivors face extreme poverty, armed conflict, and natural disasters everyday in one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. The Philippines is located on the tectonic plates and is in constant danger of typhoons, flooding, landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, and


These orphaned or abandoned children  are in survival mode. Their days are spent finding food and water, and then if they find some, they are in fear of having it stolen from them. Without our help they have no hope of an education.

We know these children need inner healing and to know their lives matter to us and to God! They have a purpose! Our programs are Christ centered and church driven! We connect the children to people who can holistically and specifically help with their individual needs. And we give each child nourishing food, a bed, medical care and education.

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Releasing Children From Poverty

Our vision is to provide for abandoned, neglected and orphaned children in the Philippines, a sense of security and belonging. And we are counting on people just like you to help us by giving.  Our Beverly Best Medical Clinic built for the community is completed.  What we need are people to partner with us to help us complete the children's home.



The Need for Clean Water

Hope Village will be joining with other charities around the world observing World Water Day. When it comes to critical needs, water has to be right up there with air. In our “modern” world it’s hard to believe something as essential as water is still such a daily struggle for so many.
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 For The Philippines


A recent study found that 52% of Filipinos, which would be over 50,000,000 people have no access to safe drinking water. Every year millions of people, mostly children, die from diseases that are associated with the lack of safe water, lack of sanitization, and hygiene.  


The Philippines rank ninth in the world for stunted growth rates in children. That means 1 in every 3rd child is stunted. Malnutrition and hunger for long periods of time in the first 1000 days of life stunts their growth. We  provide nourishing food for  these children.


 Many of these children do not have money for even basic needs. They are forced to spend most of their time looking through mountains of garbage for food water and clothing.. Children  who do go to school, often walk long distances  through dangerous terrain, and may swim through  dangerous rivers to get there. We provide the children with school supplies, food, clothing and help them get safely to school.


The Philippines is located on the Pacific Ring of Fire. At least 60% of the land area is subject to natural disasters. Making it one of the most disaster prone areas in the world. This area is subject to typhoons, flooding, earthquakes, landslides, volcanos and drought. We send aid into these regions during these times, working together with local partners.

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