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The Five Pockets of Giving



Studies show there are five “pockets” Christians give from.


The first pocket is reserved for Tithes.


The second pocket is consistent giving of offerings to the church.


The third pocket is reserved for a special need that may arise in the church, for example, giving to a building program or for the upgrade of a facility.


The fourth pocket is saved for an emergency that may arise.


The 5th pocket is accessed when a need or a situation arises that deeply touches the heart.


As we know, Jesus spoke over and over about taking care of the poor and orphans. He deeply cares that every need is met. He is depending on us to do as he asked. The Bible says,  "when you give to the poor, "you lend from God." And he is the one who will pay you back.


Helping Hope Village allows people's hearts to be moved on with compassion so they will be blessed from the Lord.

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