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Group of children against a wall smiling
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About Us

Our history began with missions in the Philippines, more than twenty years ago. We have made long lasting relationships with so many in that time. Whether they be city leaders, ministers, or the local people. We are on the ground providing food, clothing, education, and much-needed supplies to people who have nowhere else to turn. And best of all, they are hungry for Jesus! We want to not only nourish their bodies but also their souls in every way. Every contribution helps us to buy more food to feed the children, build more housing, provide for those who desperately need medicine. We need to grow food to sustain and nourish when so many are suffering the results of malnutrition.

image of childs face

  These young children are exposed to danger so often they are on high alert. Alone in the scorching heat, torrential downpours, the threats in drinking water and in their food. They live around dumpsites looking for food. Thieves take anything of value they find. These children are hiding in alleyways, under parked vehicles, in ditches, and under cardboard boxes.

Every child has the potential to transform our world.
When we work together, we can reach beyond our lives to bring lasting changes that can have great impact from generation to generation.  


Bringing nourishment, love, hope and Jesus to children in poverty.

We want every child to understand their individuality and importance in the world. We listen to their hopes and dreams, because we know they are intertwined with expectation and promise, wonder and amazement. We believe in who they are and who they can become. We are dreaming along with them, and training them,
step by step, how to accomplish those dreams and make them a reality.
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