Brenda has been married to the love of her life, Jeffrey for almost 30 years now.  They are the parents of twin boys and a daughter, with 2 daughters in love.  They are scattered in different places, so the times they are together are very special.  Family is the most precious thing to Brenda. 


Jeff and I have been doing missions work in the Philippines for 21 years now.  It’s our burden and our passion.  We travel the country teaming up with our local pastors and leaders in their efforts to grow God’s Kingdom.  Sometimes our travel takes us to dangerous places, mountaintops, jungles, and remote places, but we love it all. 


Many years ago, God placed a burden in me.  A very special burden.  And that burden is for the children of the Philippines.  I felt Him tell me to open an orphanage.  That was 20 years ago.  There are many reasons why I haven’t done it yet.  Some reasons were beyond my control, but fear is really the thing that has stopped me. 


During Jeff’s cancer journey, we made a deal between us that if Jeff didn’t have to die we would walk through every door God set before us, without fear. 


Jeff is alive and well today, and God has given us qualified and awesome people to help us with this huge task.  He’s also opened wide the doors in which we are walking through with faith and favor. 


I love my family.  I love working for God.  I love this LIFE.