Jeff was the first child born to parents who were, at the time, contemplating a big move. They were planning to move from Canada to India. They were appointed to be missionaries to that country but at the last-minute India denied their visa, so they chose the Philippines as a second choice. Turns out, what they thought was a setback was actually the perfect will of God.



The year was 1969 and Gordon and Afton Mallory got off the plane in hot and humid Manila. Jeff was two years old and was to start Kindergarten at Faith Academy in the hills of Antipolo just out of Manila. Over the next few years a wonderful weaving took place, the Philippines, the people, the culture, forever became a part of the fabric of Jeff’s identity. He graduated 12th grade there and immediately thereafter, his family left the Philippines. It was not a choice that was theirs as circumstances conspired to cause their family to leave the Philippines in 1987, the Philippines never left him.


Jeff and Brenda Mabrey married in 1988 in Sacramento, California and a few years later they found themselves back in that country.

From 1988 on there were many things they were involved in. Jeff learned the carpentry trade and was to build hundreds of homes from California to Washington, to Louisiana and on three Hawaiian Islands.

Licensed as a minister in 1995, he served in several great churches as an assistant to the pastor, a role he truly enjoyed, and still finds great satisfaction in to this day.

In 2002 he was ordained, and over the next couple years planted and pioneered 2 churches in Hawaii.

From 1995 to present time Jeff and Brenda were making missions trips to the Philippines maintaining a strong connection with the country of his upbringing.


In 2010 they were elected pastor of The Sanctuary Church in Maui and served there as lead pastor until 2018, and maintain the role of Bishop of that church.

They felt it was finally time to focus more time on the Philippines and were elected to transition to the role of Bishop in Maui. They are now serving in a variety of roles in the Philippines.


They are now fulfilling the lifelong goal of serving the Filipino people as an ambassador and advocate, bridging North America with the Philippines. The Executive Board of the Philippine UPC has extended an official invitation opening up the whole country to them, of which they are very honored.

The doors that have opened have been nothing short of miraculous, and the plans in place are exciting. They work with the various Regions, Districts and Sections in both preaching and scheduling preachers for the many conferences and events of these various districts.


For Jeff, the orphanage was something that started a long time ago, and has something to do with a place called Smokey Mountain. Smokey Mountain was notorious as one of the worst places on earth. Extreme poverty, filthy, disease and a vast concentration of desperate people, all mixed together to create the perfect place for the church in Manila to get its start.


From a small child, Jeff would accompany his parents into Smokey Mountain area, to find the people who would one day produce doctors and business people and great saints of God. This, and other experiences caused Jeff to realize that diamonds are in the rough, and many times are discovered on dusty roads. The orphans, the children who found themselves in trouble with the law, and the people addicted to drugs, all have great value, if you can help them discover that gem within them.


There are quite a few things developing, and as some of the things are still in the planning stages it may be prudent to leave it at this, stand by for news!


There’s more to the story, because God is a great Author.