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Karl Smith Treasurer

Karl Smith and his wife Mary have been involved in ministry together for 29 years.  During these years they have served as assistant pastors, evangelists, Global Missionaries and currently serve as pastor to the congregation of First Pentecostal Church of Starks, LA.



While serving as missionaries in Africa, Karl and Mary volunteered with several ministries that worked in various types of poverty relief.  Often overwhelmed by the need, and unable to do everything that needed to be done, Karl and Mary simply decided to do what they could.  It is a decision that has served them well. Time and again God has proven, that as we do what we can, He does what we cannot.


Though they regularly give to various ministries that support and help orphans around the world, the Smith’s have always had a strong desire to do more.  When God connected them with the Mallory’s there was no question that the time had come for more involvement. So it was with great excitement that Karl accepted the position of Treasurer of Hope Village International.