Melody Eliseo is the Director of Social Media for Hope Village International (HVI), an orphanage, which provides food, clothing, shelter and hope, for abandoned and rescued children. In Melody’s trips to The Philippines, she has witnessed the need and gravity of the situation, concerning these displaced children who survive by digging into the heaps of garbage, at the Smokey Mountain “Garbage City”. 

With more than 34 years of experience leading and serving in many different volunteer, community and organizational projects, Melody has worked leading groups both large and small. She is dedicated to getting the job done right. Melody with a team of educated volunteer staff, who are dedicated to serving with excellence city, state and global projects. For the last 7 years, Melody has served as the Director of Social Media, at The Pentecostals Greensboro, as well as working for other organizations and artists. She has managed many promotional and ad campaigns on social media.


She is a blogger of https://livelifewellmelodyeliseo.com/ which is centered on the subject of prayer, and personal experiences relating to the power of prayer, when working within difficult confines. Melody has a deep love, and a continued lifetime pursuit, into all aspects of prayer. 


She is the worship leader at The Pentecostals Greensboro. Four years ago, Melody began training in music production and has produced 2 albums with more coming. She is also a writer for the new “unbiased against Christians”, social media app Snippy, at https://snippy.com/home


Melody has served along side her husband, Pastor Glenn Eliseo, at The Pentecostals in beautiful Greensboro NC, for 29 years. And prior to that, Glenn and Melody traveled the United States extensively for 5 years, speaking and ministering in churches all over America. Through this, they gained a deeper understanding of the country and it’s people at large. 


She loves to travel, and is the mother of two children. Her son, Jordan, works in cloud engineering and development at IBM, with a BS in Mathematics, from University of North Carolina Greensboro and Her daughter, Savannah, is a second year Law student at Elon Law School, as well as a recording artist with 2 albums. Her husband, Glenn Eliseo, pastors The Pentecostals in beautiful Greensboro, NC, and has a BA in Philosophy.


Melody has a BA in Psychology from The University of North Carolina Greensboro, and is focused on continued learning in all areas of her work.