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Your donations provide relief, and aid in the critical needs

of children in the most urgent situations.


Donations  given to the. "wherever most needed" fund provides not only essentials but also the necessary items that aid us in accomplishing our mission including building  and equipment.


Your tax-deductible donation provides for the immediate need.




These orphaned or abandoned children  are in survival mode. Their days are spent finding food and water, and then if they find some, they are in fear of having it stolen from them. Without our help they have no hope of an education.

We know these children need inner healing and to know their lives matter to us and to God! They have a purpose! Our programs are Christ centered and church driven! We connect the children to people who can holistically and specifically help with their individual needs. And we give each child nourishing food, a bed, medical care, and education.

Our mission is providing for abandoned, neglected and orphaned children in the Philippines, a sense of security and belonging. And we are counting on people just like you to help us. 


Our Beverly Best Medical Clinic built for the community is completed.  What we need are people to partner with us to help us complete the housing.

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