What We Do

We go into regions others will not go, into remote and dangerous areas to bring food and needed supplies 

We have met with President Duterte of The Philippines

who has encouraged our work.

We discussed ways of overcoming the drug epidemic in the Philippines.
 President Duterte shared with us his belief, that man does not have all the answers, but rather God is the answer! 

He feels, that the people of The Philippines need the word of God

in their lives, for spiritual and moral recovery.

And we wholeheartedly agree  concerning this. For The Philippines and every nation!

We bring food, supplies and encouragement

 to those who are prisoners. And join with the join them for worship services. 

Working with Goodwill Ambassador

Art and Bethany Wilson

 at the United Nations.

To correlate aid for  those who need retraining in healthy lifestyle programs for those in areas heavy in drug trafficking. As well as, helping us organize successful ways to get  food, clothing and supplies to those in need.

We  feed and help families who want to be set free from drug addiction lifestyles.

  With the power of God along with lifestyle programed classes we help them get their lives back on track! 

Plan and implement programs, as well as, brainstorm with the Dangerous Drugs Board of the Philippines,and Secretary of DDB, Dr. Benjamin Reyes. We all want to work to be the change to get rid of the massive drug epidemic in the Philippines!

Partnering up with Mizpah Foundation for Hope Village International in the Philippines.