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  1. A recommended timeline to make sure a Hope SUNDAY is effective and a moving experience for your local church.​

  2. A high quality and moving series of short videos you can use leading up to Hope Sunday.​

  3. Then on the actual Hope Sunday we’ll provide a feature video almost 5 minutes long that will galvanize all in attendance to the challenge to engage in “pure religion” (James 1:27)​

  4. Downloadable resources you can print to give the Day of Hope a polished feel you can be proud to present to members and nonmembers alike.​

  5. We will communicate with you at your convenience, to tailor make a presentation specific to your church’s vision for this, be it a Youth on Missions trip, Medical Missions trip, or tackling a specific project as a personal goal for your church.​

  6. Connect your members to a Hope Village International newsletter that allows them to see the impacts of their giving on the projects, children and other needs met by their sacrificial giving

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